A split second


We had plans to head over to Ikea yesterday. I was looking to buy a few things including closet and drawer organizers, decorative pots and perhaps some prints to hang in our kitchen or hallway.

Traffic was unbearable like usual. Thanks to the Mercier Bridge being on the verge of collapse and the subsequent closure or I should say reduction of the bridge to two lanes, the traffic to access the highway on ramp was a good 45 minutes.

We were headed the opposite direction and so we decided that it would be best to head to the east ramp which was a 5 minute drive away.

We were right, the traffic was only really isolated to the area where the on ramp gave access to the bridge. As we approached the east exist we could see that there was no traffic near the on ramp or the highway.

As we approached the on ramp we caught a red light. Waiting in traffic looked a little like this:

As we were waiting at the light, a young woman ran out from our right, passed the car on our right, passed directly in front of us and was trying to run across the empty turning lane when a mini-van that she did not see clipped her and sent her flying into the pavement. She was trying to catch the public bus that was waiting on the other side of the road east of the grass median.

Sam immediately jumped out of our car to see if she was breathing while I made a frantic call to 911.

The woman was laying on the floor moaning with obvious injuries to her body, legs and face. I will spare you guys the details of that – those details are what kept me awake all night with knots in my stomach.

Please…please…please don’t jay walk. Yesterdays accident is an example of why the police are always lecturing about jay walking. Accidents do happen, people don’t make the buses they are running for and innocent people get seriously hurt or killed.

It would have taken this young lady and extra 30 seconds to walk to the corner and cross at the pedestrian cross walk.

Instead, she was rushed the hospital in an ambulance.

Needless to say, we were very shaken up by this. Once we had given our account of what we saw to the police we were told we could leave. We didn’t make it to Ikea yesterday, instead we turned right back around and headed home.

We spent the evening trying to forget what we saw and yet no matter how hard I tried to reassure myself that she would be okay I was continuously having flash backs and that moment where the impact took place.

Today, we’re home and still unwinding from the terrible event that occured yesterday afternoon.

Later, maybe a family lunch – we shall see!

Moral of the story – please don’t jay walk, those extra 30 seconds can save your life.


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