Waiting Room Talk

Yesterday was a complete write off. Seriously.

I’m an adult about most things. I’m responsible when it comes to things like driving, paying bills, teaching young children about morals, cleaning and other adult like responsibilities that life throws are me.

But, when it comes to going to the doctor I shrink up into this tiny ball of anxiety, knees buckling sweat beading psycho path that can’t think about anything but the impending doom of my appointment.

I wish I could be one of those people who picks up a magazine ever so calmly from the waiting room coffee table but now, I’m the panic stricken woman in the corner shaking my foot to dissipate some of my nerves and hopefully bring down my blood pressure before the triage nurse has a look at me. 😦

Thankfully, I’m the member of a fabulous clinic that takes good care of insanely nervous patients like me.

The triage nurse was exceptionally kind to me, reading through my file I think she noticed the note “Don’t take Jennifer’s blood pressure, doctor will do it in office”. Dr. Wonderful and I have this agreement that only HE will give me the once over. Love you Doc!

All that pent up worry and nervousness….. it turns out that my issue was my own damn fault and I should be more diligent when taking a certain baby preventing medication. Who knew that funny things could happen if you doubled, skipped or changed the time you take that tiny little pill.

And now, I’m very behind.

I usually like to have my house cleaned, laundry done and weekend cooking done by Fridays. This way, I can spend some much needed quality time with my husband doing fun things that don’t involve scrubbing down the toilet!

My laundry list of things to do include

  • Taking my tiny little pill on time. (I’m really working on this)
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Laundry!!!!!!!!
  • Preparing 3 large dinner meals for the weekend!
  • A trip to ikea! I’m in serious need of a closet organizer and a few decorative things I’m sure!

Now, off to eat the OOIAJ that I made the other day. I was so pent up yesterday that I skipped out on breakfast!


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