My Morning Habit

The first thing I do every morning is have a strong espresso. I look forward to it, it’s part of my morning routine.

But lately, as I make my way over to the sink to fill up the coffee pot with water, I find this:

Apparently my cats play mini golf with their kibbles every night. I even caught the guilty party mid swat!!

Looks like they have picked up the bad habit of plucking out their kibbles from their food dish and swating, batting and putting them around the kitchen!

Then I found this. If the kibble disaster wasn’t enough, my husband left me a little present last night when he got in from work!

GUILTY! He ate McDonalds after work or should I say early this morning!!! At least throw out the cup dude..

It’s funny how I know exactly what he’s been up to by the little messes he leaves me. Obviously he ate the packed lunch I made him (see dirty tupperware) but felt the need for a little midnight snack (see golden arches cup). Who puts a take out soft drink cup in the sink anyway?

Oh and if you look REALLY closely you’ll see that he obviously made himself a coffee after binging on that McDonalds. Coffee grains EVERYWHERE!!!

We’re making progress though, at least that tupperware is making it to the sink and not being left in his work bag…

So  I swept and swiffered up all the kibble nuggets sprawled miticulously over my freshly washed floor and got going on that coffee…

Our latest coffee purchase is a strong rich brew of Italian Coffee beans. Medaglia D’Oro is simply amazing -slightly bitter and nutty! Delicious!!

Now, off to clean that sink and head to the grocery store. Produce and pantry staples are seriously lacking in this house!


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