And away she goes

Today is just flying by..

After dishes, sweeping and impromptu fridge clean out I headed out for some pantry staples and fresh produce. Our backyard garden is great but we’ve eaten through the last of the greens and we don’t grow things like potatoes or carrots.

I’ve got this grocery thing down to a science. List in hand, I zipped through the aisles and did a complete grocery in less than 40 minutes. I was back in exactly 50 minutes.

Thanks to the fridge being clean, it was easy to put everything away. In 10 minutes, I was already preparing todays supper lunch.

Supper lunches have become quite common these days. With the husband working nights I don’t like to cook dinner and eat by myself so I put together a larger meal at lunch and eat a lighter meal or leftovers for dinner.

This way, Sam has a good lunch and leftovers for dinner.

I have to admit, I was starving by the time grocery was put away… I threw together a salad with garden greens, and cherry tomatoes. Seasoned old school with olive oil and wine vinegar this salad was nice and tangy.

Before long, my empty plate was overflowing with rice, pesto salmon and a healthy sized helping of salad.

On the side we shared a home made Ciabbata bun!

This salmon was incredible. Pan seared in a mixture of light tomato sauce and fresh pesto and cappers it just flaked right off! Not even a hint of fishiness!

For dessert, we dug into the heaping bowl of cherries I bought. I splurged a little on these at 3.99 a pound but they’re only in season for a few weeks so I wanted to take advantage! Washington cherries are by far the best!

Now off to prepare some overnight oats with the boat load of berries I picked up at the grocer. Later, I have business stuff to take care off and budget planning to do!

Enjoy the afternoon!


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