Baked Goods


Boy has it been a lazy Sunday here!

Woke up early and decided that I wanted to spend a few more hours in bed. Sunday mornings are perfect for catching up on a little sleep. Also didn’t want to bother hubby, whose shift changes today. Figured I’d give him a break and let his internal clock do the waking this morning.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be pretty much living solo. He’ll be working from 4pm to midnight which means he’ll be sleeping in most mornings!!

We both got up a few minutes after 10 and sat down to a treat!

My Nonno dropped off some warm freshly baked raisin buns for our enjoyment!

Wish he woulda rang the doorbell so we could enjoy them with him!

Instead, we made a thank you phone call and sat down to warm raisin buns and piping hot coffee! Great way to start off a lazy Sunday if you ask me!

Now, off to catch up and prepare for the week ahead!


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