Midsummer Nights Storm

The sky literally exploded  last night!

At around 1am I half woke up to our bedroom completely engulfed in light! Then, bang and more light! I think the lightening may have hit our air conditioner because moments later the electricity went out!!!

I haven’t attempted to turn it back on just yet. I bet the unit is full of water and I obviously don’t want to risk electrocution ya know?

But, I have a sneaking suspicion that our BRAND new air conditioner, seriously, it arrived Fed Ex on Monday is deadsville!!!

The weather channel wasn’t even calling for rain or storms!! WTF??

In anycase, I’m up early like usual. Hubs is still sleeping, like usual. What is it with men who need to sleep in to function? 7-8 hours sleep is plenty for me! Anything more and I feel exhausted and crappy.

I made myself an easy breakfast. I don’t like complicated or fancy breakfasts. Why? I just can’t be bothered early in the morning. Simple is where it’s at!

An easy fruit salad is the only thing that really appealed to me this morning. A couple slices of chopped up watermelon and a 2 chopped kiwis totally hit the spot.

I took my breakfast outside to enjoy the cool morning. It’s been so darn hot here over the last couple of weeks that it was a really nice and refreshing change to eat on the balcony. Not to mention how quiet it was. Apparently everyone in the neighborhood likes to sleep in too!

As I was nearing the end of my salad, I got a little sloppy. Next thing I knew my coffee was spilling out all over the place!


Oh how I hate coffee stains on my dish clothes!!! They never totally come out!!!

Now, off to try and wake up the husband! Tons to do today and I need his help! Washing windows aint just a ladies job!!


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