G is for Garden

The extreme heat over the two weeks or so has really helped speed up the ripening process of our tomatoes!

As of Monday, I’ve been picking at least 3 tomatoes each evening to make wonderful tomato salads.

Nothing beats fresh garden tomatoes, basil and cucumber topped with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and sea salt.

In addition to the gorgeous tomatoes & huge cucumbers, we’ve been picking tons of fresh beans! Only problem with garden produce is that it’s all ready at the same time and there’s an abundance of veggies that two people just can’t eat through!

How do you manage the abundance of fresh produce from your garden? Do you freeze, share, store, pickle?? I’d love suggestions!

I guess I could freeze em but I never like the way food tastes when it comes out of the freezer. Fresh is always better!

We even had an uninvited guest show up!!

Frankie (the neighbors cat) was keeping cool under our fig tree!!!

I first noticed this little huge dude when I was checking out the fig tree for ripe figs!

He’s a big boy alright!

I was thrilled to find one half-ripened fig! They’re finally coming along! Shouldn’t be much longer and we’ll have a full basket full of these delicious figgies!

Now, off to prepare dinner! T-minus 30 minutes until hubby gets home!


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